Lighting is a crucial factor in our daily life …..


… which is why we at embacco lighting work intensively and purposefully to develop lighting, which makes a positive effect on our daily life.


Pratically speaking …

we´re currently working on a new generation of technical lighting. Lighting characterized by our work in new, soft materials.

WE HAVE STARTED – and we have started in textiles. When the light breaks through the textiles, we experince a softer and more human light.


Turn on …

the inner well-being .

Our vision is – through lighting – to turn up people´s daily dose of “Feeling-Good”.


The sun …

is our forthcoming project.

We at embacco lighting would very much like – through artificial light – to be able to recreate the feeling we all experience when the sun shows its warm face up in the sky.

We are making headway and we have ideas that need to be trying out.

IT will be exciting to follow and IT will be big if we succeed…


A look back in history …

Since it started back in 1994, Embacco Lighting has completed countless lighting projects, always in a good dialogue with architects, interior designers and contractors.

In 2008, Embacco Lighting launched its first own collection, starting with two outdoor lamps – Welcome and Light U. Up untill 2012, the collections was designed in very traditional, hard materials such as metal, glass and plastic. We at Embacco refer to this period as our “hardware” period.

In mid 2012 Embacco decided to change direction and focus on a new route into a softer world – what we call “software” . We are currently working at developing and designing the new collection of technical lamps with a difference. FAB family in textiles is our first permanent design and it is being launched …. right now.