MoM light grey remix 123

Ø 800 mm x H 90

MoM is an acoustic pendant with 8 directed light tubes which give a brilliant clear light. 
Behind the front textile you’ll find the sustainable acousic regulating material “hemp”.
The 40 mm eco -friendly hemp absorber benefits to the absolute good acoustic and sound
in your room.


” MoM is a sound absorbing pendant both giving a high quality of light and reducing noise in our daily life – a 2-in-one you can say .

The MoM is designed to meet the human basic needs for a peaceful environment combined with a pleasant human light”

As an extra feature it has been of great importance to redefine the sound absorber – from man-made to a sustainable material direct from Mother nature”

– Lise Nørgaard – designer

The MoM pendant is named after its sound absorber which is natural and eco-friendly hemp.
The pendant is designed as a layer also known as a sandwich construction. In the center between the 2 textile plates you find the 40 mm sound absorber which function is to absorb all noise and balance the room acoustics.

To act sustainable is also about distances and choosing near-by suppliers… we do. Our hemp is growning on Mols, a beautiful spot only a few hours drive from our production facilities . Every MoM pendant is delivered with this hemp acoustic absober .. click to read more about hemp as sound absorber.

MoM is suitable for meeting rooms, offices, canteens, corridors or private residences.

MoM – Close up

the layers

Every single MoM pendant is handmade and customized for a specific user and room.

The pendant is designed in layers.

In the center you will find the eco friendly hemp absorbing material with a 40 mm thickness and with an optimized density.

The absorber is surrounded by a 90 mm circular metal frame and 6 distance points/spacers that keep the front – and back plate apart.

The frontplate is lasercutted perforated aluminium covered with either Remix 3 or Canvas upholstery textile from danish Kvadrat . The top plate is always delivered with black Gloss textile –  a very cleanable textile.

MoM is delivered with 3 wire suspensiones.



Ø 800 x H 90


Powder coated matt black RAL | Front:  Remix 183 black / Kvadrat | Tubes: Matt black aluminium | Top plate: Gloss black from Kvadrat, cleanable | Suspension: Pendel suspended in 3 wires and 2 x 0,75 black textile cables


Inserts, light gold

Beam angle

24 dgr.

LED light

610 x 8 pcs  = 4.880 lumen, RA 97 . 2700 K / 3000 K

Dim-able versions

No-dimmable, DALI dim or Push dim


12,4 kg | Class IP: 23

Ø 800 mm x H: 90

Ø 800 mm x H: 90